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Explosion of Virtual Reality and Wearable Technology

Virtual reality. Augmented reality. 360-degree video. Telepresence robots. Smart glasses. With the explosion of new media and product offerings, how do we tell them apart? The main thing that distinguishes each of these media options is whether you are a spectator or a participant in the experience. Here’s the run down: Continue reading “Explosion of Virtual Reality and Wearable Technology”

Views are Worth More than Impressions

Here’s a little math equation with you:

1 View > 1 Impression 

That’s right. One view is greater than one impression when it comes to having a digital impact. In fact, according to Buzzfeed, “five billion views are worth more than 18 billion impressions”. What’s the difference? Let’s break it down. Continue reading “Views are Worth More than Impressions”

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