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Why Wait Until the Super Bowl to Produce Great Work?

Why do so many brands wait until the Super Bowl to produce really fun or thought-provoking work? True, only some brands actually nail it, but at least they are all trying. The stakes are raised because everyone is trying to get the highest rated, most-talked about spot with such a huge audience, right?  Continue reading “Why Wait Until the Super Bowl to Produce Great Work?”

Twitch Creative Joins the Live-Stream Club

Skype. FaceTime. YouNow. All platforms with live-streaming capabilities. Before the duel between Meerkat and Periscope jumped on the live-stream bandwagon, there existed a social video gaming platform called Twitch – a place where gamers could watch and talk with more than 1.7 million broadcasters. In 2014, Amazon purchased this gold mine for $1 billion and has recently expanded to the artist community in what they’re calling Twitch CreativeContinue reading “Twitch Creative Joins the Live-Stream Club”

Earn $12 Million From Home

Did you know that you can make $12 million a year for producing YouTube videos? Now that is one pretty sweet gig that has 25-year-old Felix Kjellberg racking in the dough right from his very own couch. Continue reading “Earn $12 Million From Home”

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