Over the course of three days, the city of bright lights will be announcing 20,000 new products at #CES2016. The pace of change is accelerating and it’s getting harder and harder to keep up. So we’ve made it easy for you. Check out Mashable’s best technologies forecasted for this year here.

TVs are bigger, thinner, brighter and now foldable. Home electronics are now smarter with refrigerators that monitor your food, showers that regulate your water usage and food scanners that can tell you exactly how many calories are on your plate. The world is being taken over by robots from self-driving cars to drones and everything that can be connected…is.

How we interact with everything and everyone around us is changing. We want the most updated information in real-time right at our fingertips and won’t settle for anything less. In a world where demand is high and patience is low, the advertising realm will need to keep pace by serving up content that is both disruptive and welcome.

Speaking of, which new technologies will you welcome into your home this year?