Automation can be a terrifying concept to marketers that relish in having control over everything, especially with the overwhelming technology solutions that are available on the market. Fear of something going wrong can cripple not only a person but a brand as well. As Jones, Upstart, states, “Most of the time I see fear hold people back when it comes to marketing, including the costs of hiring new people, investing in new software and especially putting new money into ad and promotional campaigns.

It’s not just the fear of wasted money either; it’s also the loss of time – time that could have been spent going in a different, maybe even better direction. There is big opportunity in staking a claim for your brand – launching creative that stands out with messaging that is different. Missed opportunities are a byproduct of letting fear get the better of you.

But failure is all part of the marketing game in order to reap the rewards. As Facebook’s Zuckerberg states, “The biggest risk is not taking any risk…In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks”. It is this fear and discomfort that should be used as a marketing motivator. When it comes to digital, content and marketing automation, always look for the best tools and techniques that will help your business in the long run.

Here are multiple ways to overcome fear of digital, content and marketing automation to build a stronger team and strategy:

  1. Build confidence: Look at failures as lessons learned and build confidence in how to make more informed decisions moving forward.
  1. Make your weakness a strength: Understand what your weaknesses and gaps are and hire people and technology to fill the void. This will make your team and decisions stronger.
  1. Push accountability: Set high standards, have a clear plan and work together towards the end goal.
  1. Embrace two-way dialogue: Test new digital and social content and listen to the feedback, even if it’s not positive. It’s supposed to be interactive after all. Don’t do it to reach a safe consensus – that’s weak. Adapt, adjust and try to make a statement – you’ll be a better brand ambassador for it.
  1. Get uncomfortable: Sometimes insightful work is polarizing. You may inspire or gain respect from the masses, but put off a small group of people that are holding back progress for your brand. Do what is right over what’s popular.
  1. Channel the message: Leaving things wide open can create a negative platform. When one of the largest banks in our nation first launched their social media, they broadly asked people to share their thoughts of the brand. They got pummeled. Create a platform that is productive and focused.
  1. Fight: If there isn’t yelling in the hallways, people are getting too comfortable. If you believe in something, back it up and go to the mat for it. Steve Jobs understood the important of marketing and fought with the board to produce ground-breaking work. It paid off pretty well for Apple.
  1. Do your research: The more you can understand your consumers, what they want and share rich content with them, the more you’ll connect with small, useful information. Fear washes away when you’re prepared, informed and in-tune.

For a business to survive, marketing must go on…it’s a never-ending process. Don’t let fear hold you back from your potential.