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Ad Blocking Continues to Grow

Is ad blocking a threat or a beacon of regulation? Tensions are escalating in the advertising industry on this hot topic considering it cost publishers nearly $22 billion globally in 2015, rising to an estimated $41.4 billion in 2016. That’s a huge loss that cannot be ignored. Despite the controversy over whether online ads are intrusive, the rise in the ad blocking business continues to grow. Continue reading “Ad Blocking Continues to Grow”

Gadgets & Gizmos of CES 2016

Over the course of three days, the city of bright lights will be announcing 20,000 new products at #CES2016. The pace of change is accelerating and it’s getting harder and harder to keep up. So we’ve made it easy for you. Check out Mashable’s best technologies forecasted for this year here.

Continue reading “Gadgets & Gizmos of CES 2016”

Views are Worth More than Impressions

Here’s a little math equation with you:

1 View > 1 Impression 

That’s right. One view is greater than one impression when it comes to having a digital impact. In fact, according to Buzzfeed, “five billion views are worth more than 18 billion impressions”. What’s the difference? Let’s break it down. Continue reading “Views are Worth More than Impressions”

3 Seconds is too Long to Wait

Google will kick off the new year with their Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project to bring speed and an overall better mobile experience when it comes to viewing news articles. Why wait 3 seconds for an article to load when you can wait 500 milliseconds? The question we have to ask ourselves: what does this mean for mobile advertising?

Continue reading “3 Seconds is too Long to Wait”

Obituary: Saying Goodbye to the Newspaper

General-interest print newspapers, born 1690 in America, are predicted to pass away by 2022. They have served well reaching millions of people every day on topics that cover everything from politics, health, technology, environment, security and more. They are being survived by its digital kin, online news. But is it boom or doom when it comes to digital newspapers?  Continue reading “Obituary: Saying Goodbye to the Newspaper”

What is your brand strategy IQ?

There’s a fair amount of bad marketing out there. Where did things go wrong? It’s usually well before the creative was developed or the media was planned. It’s right at the beginning during the brand strategy process…or perhaps lack thereof.

If you’re involved with shaping your brand message, it’s time to test your brand strategy IQ here. Continue reading “What is your brand strategy IQ?”

Starbucks Stirs Up Controversy

Starbucks is being hit with a little not-so-Christmas-cheer from its social media fans over the design of their cups this year. Apparently, the new ombre design doesn’t look as good as their coffee tastes. Continue reading “Starbucks Stirs Up Controversy”

The Boutiquefication of our Business

Boutiquefication. I like it. And I called it. What am I laying claim to exactly? The tipping point for an interesting consumer trend happening right now simultaneously in key categories including food, footwear, apparel, dining, skin care, healthcare remedies, software, to name a few. Continue reading “The Boutiquefication of our Business”

Twitch Creative Joins the Live-Stream Club

Skype. FaceTime. YouNow. All platforms with live-streaming capabilities. Before the duel between Meerkat and Periscope jumped on the live-stream bandwagon, there existed a social video gaming platform called Twitch – a place where gamers could watch and talk with more than 1.7 million broadcasters. In 2014, Amazon purchased this gold mine for $1 billion and has recently expanded to the artist community in what they’re calling Twitch CreativeContinue reading “Twitch Creative Joins the Live-Stream Club”

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