Snapchat built a company on posts that would be gone in the blink of an eye. The new Memories feature now allows users to save their favorite snaps. While this has shocked some in the industry, it’s a natural progression to engage an audience. We all want memories to last, right? By design, this new feature allows users to save their favorite content and even timestamp them. I’m sure research showed it was frustrating for their loyal following to screenshot their favorite pics and posts. While the update may take away from some of the spontaneous sharing (and confidentiality) this app is known for, the new feature will open doors for marketers and brands promoting themselves on the platform. Now brands will have time to polish and package their content.

Why would Snapchat intentionally modify their trademark differentiator? Because they can and it makes sense. Users being able to share their stories in more meaningful ways, faster, is just plain smart. Snapchat is the fastest growing social network with more daily users than Twitter. With this new feature they will be on the heels of Facebook in attracting smart brands to the network. And that’s certainly a message that won’t quickly vanish with brands.